Custom LED Lighting

For your Vivarium, Terrarium or Aquarium

Custom LED Lighting

Single Lights or Entire Systems

Custom LED Lighting

Eye Friendly Light That Grows Tropical Plants

What You Need To Know

Single Lights or Entire Systems

Lights are available for sale as single units or as an entire system where multiple lights are powered by a single driver and digital controller (contact me for that). These lights are modular and can be upgraded at any time. Three LED configuration options are possible. Standard sizes will fit the most common vivs, but if you don't see a size for you, custom sizes is really point of this entire project.  Just ask.

Digital Control

With a single powerful driver and a digital controller, you can run a system of 4 or 5 vivariums. The controller will precisely mimic sunrise, sunset and peak day intensity which creates a much more natural environment for your plants and animals.

Design Concept

The design concept started with making a light that would fit any size tank, have a low profile, look sleek and produce a natural light spectrum that was pleasing to the eye, not harsh like most "grow lights." As the project grew, low heat emission and precise solar mimicry via digital control became additional requirements.

High quality LED diodes that will grow plants well and make your display pop

Standard and made to order light panel sizes, custom spec LED strips or spot lights, low heat emission, fully controllable to mimic solar cycles, low profile design (3/4"), resulting in the best presentation possible for your Glass Box displays.


"Fantastic product very happy with the low profile light. Zero light spillage at top of Viv will be buying more. Thanks Kurt"

Chris in AZ

"Great quality, easy install. Good communication. Will buy again."

Rick in NY

I bought the unit for the 18x18x24 exo terra vivarium and was using other light which I thought did well but were very bulky and after getting one of the spectral units my plants really took off!! My marcgravia send out so many runners I'm trimming them a lot now and have had to move one begonia because it just took off like crazy and was just getting to big for the viv. So I highly recommend these lights! For the money u can't go wrong!

Mike M.

I have been working with Kurt on a complete system for my Gecko room. He has customized and helped me install most of the system. He has been available whenever I need guidance on programming the controller.

After a month of having my lighting completed I can honestly say theres been a huge improvement in my plant growth and overall health. BUT I never thought I would see a change in my geckos. The LEDs increase and decrease the spectrum to simulate a real photo period. My geckos are more active and actually seem to know exactly when the night is coming. Needless to say i love these lights and got more than I expected.

Rick in NY