Supply Chain

Back in 2020 when covid happened, I decided to carry more inventory than any business normally would.  Much or most of what I ordered was made before lockdowns had even had an impact.  

But now I think the "covid effect" has finally kicked in with items that come from China. Everything in my inventory now was made when China was locked down tight and I'm seeing new and unique quality control issues now. Higher fail rates than ever before.

Cables from a new manufacturer are set to show up soon. Hopefully this cures the issues we've been seeing over the last 6 months. 

The current inventory of TC420 controllers has to be tested way more than I ever thought necessary before they go out the door.   A new batch of those should arrive in the next few weeks as well.  

So if you've had issues, please don't hesitate to call me so we can get things sorted out.  425.471.1425. (CST)