LED Strip Options

There are three options possible at this time, but the default standard diode configuration is composed of two different custom strips. Unless requested otherwise, all lights are composed of the following 4 diode temps and colors:
  • Two temps of white (bright white and warm white, running at 6500k and 3500k)
  • Bright white, red and blue

This configuration has proven in my experience to grow plants quite well and it creates an overall light presentation that is very natural looking to most peoples eye.

However, if you don't like, or need, the red and blue diodes which are there just for plants, a light can be constructed out of just the two temp white only strip (the most natural looking light combination of these 3 options):

 • Bright and warm white (running at 6500k and 3500k)


If you are not bothered by an overall light that looks blue shifted and want to max out plant growth, then you might want to try a light with just the single strip that contains:

 • Bright white (at 6500k), Red and Blue diodes