Digital Control for InSitu Lights

Based on a lot of feed back I've received from InSitu users, I've created a series of programs for the TC420 digital light controller for the unique requirements of that display.  In my store you'll see a TC420 "InSitu" option.

The InSitu light with 6 LED strips puts out more light than most dart frog hobbyists desire or need. 

As with all controllers. there are 4 light cycles-- 11, 12, 13 and 14 hours.   However, the Insitu option only has 3 power profiles (all other controllers have 4), all of them lower intensity than the programs written for other lights and displays.   

In brief, with the InSitu programming the "Low" profile peaks at only 40% power, the next profile reaches a max of 60% and the"Hi" profile hits 80%.

I've also added the additional male "output" plug on channel 4, which incorporates both daylight and nightlight programming.

For daylight only programs, plug your light in the channel 1 output.   For both day and night, use the channel 4 plug.

The nightlight program runs the light at 1%.  It comes on when the daylight program finishes and runs until 2am, when it also turns off.

This unit is not designed to run more than one light at a time.   If you need to power and control two displays or up to five, then a controller/driver combo will be needed (like the Mean Well LRS350).