Digital Controller for InSitu Displays

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This is the same TC420 controller available here in various configurations.  The programs loaded onto this one are specifically designed for InSitu displays.

It comes with 11, 12, 13 and 14 hr cycles with 3 different power profiles for each (12 plug and play programs ready to run in total).  See the screenshot images of each power profile to get a feel for the lower light levels many InSitu users request because the normal programming for the TC420 is too bright, too hot and overly intense.

Briefly, the "Low" profile hits a max of 40%, the next one reaches 60% and the "Hi" profile option goes to 80% at its midday peak.

By comparison, the "Low" profile on all the other TC420 controllers hits 100% at midday for about 30 minutes. 

You'll also notice a second male output plug on channel 4.  This adds a nightlight cycle.  The channel 1 output plug only runs a daylight program.  Channel 4 runs both.  The nightlight program kicks on at 1% power as soon as the daytime cycle completes, then it goes off at 2am.

This controller is ONLY meant to control a single light. 

If you'd like to run more than one light/display from a single controller, see the other options in this store for controller/driver combos that can handle up to 5 lights at once.

*** You must supply your own 12v DC power source, or be using the stock driver that comes with all light kits sold here or with InSitu ecosystems displays ***

Don't hesitate to call to discuss digital light control and all the options available in this store.

Dimensions:  5" x 3" 

More detailed information can be found here.