Digital Light Control

It should make intuitive sense that providing both plants and animals with a more natural light cycle is generally beneficial for their well being.  However, most vivariums are using simple on/off timers to control the light, as well as running at at 100% output all the time.

With this generic Chinese digital control unit, five separate 12vdc output channels can be controlled in a wide variety of ways.  The stock programming assumes five lights are being used, but four lights and one channel to run fans is a well tested approach. The programs can easily be setup to your custom needs prior to shipping if the stock options discussed here don't match what you're looking for. 

When combined with a LED driver (350w output) and a light panel, you've got a fully functional system that can easily mimic solar cycles found in the tropics.  To further mimic Nature, there are 11, 12, 13 and 14 hour cycles that help you simulate seasonal and regional light variations.

There are also two light profiles to choose from:

• Standard: Peak intensity of 100% lasting for 2 hours at midday.  Best for vivariums that are already grown in, or if you prefer to have less light for the sake of the animals.  Plants grow very well under these balanced conditions.  Intended to most closely mimic solar cycles.

• Xtra: Peak intensity of 100% lasting for 5 hours at midday.  Best for new vivariums and maximum plant growth.

Here is the current programming schedule of these profiles: (note, the numbers are a percentage of full power and the controller will fade between two settings, creating a gradient)

• 12 Hour ("Standard" profile / all 5 channels)

• 12 Hour ("Xtra" profile / all 5 channels)