Controller / Driver Combo (ELG-200)

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The important difference between this offering and the unit with the LRS-350 is that this ELG-200 driver is waterproof with no fan, so no moving parts that will eventually fail and no noise, ever.

This combination unit can drive up to 3 lights at a time.  The controller will handle on/off and the sunrise and sunset effects. It comes programmed with 11, 12, 13, and 14 hour light cycles.  You can also install the editing software on your PC to create, edit or modify the existing programs yourself.  It's very easy to learn.

• The driver is made by the industry leader, Mean Well.  The ELG-200-12 model is strong and reliable.  12 Volt DC output.  Standard 3 prong AC input from a wall socket. 
• The controller is a Chinese model with 5 output channels. Input is 12v DC, max 20amp.

There are currently four light program profiles to choose from: "low", "Standard", "X" and "XX", all feature sunrise and sunset effects with a taper up and down from midday peak intensities.  The difference between them is how long they stay at 100% intensity.

• Low:  Peak intensity of 100% for only 30 minutes at midday.
•Standard: Peak intensity of 100% lasting for 2 hours at midday.  Best for vivariums that are already grown in, or if you prefer to have less light for the sake of the animals.  Plants grow very well under these balanced conditions.  Intended to most closely mimic a real solar cycle.
• X: Peak intensity of 100% lasting for 4 hours at midday, with more light on either side of that peak.  Excellent for new vivariums.

• XX: Peak intensity of 100% lasting for 6 hours at midday.  Best for maximum plant growth and species that require higher light.

Dimensions:  The driver and controller are attached to a board thats 11"x9" and suitable for mounting on a wall.  Depth - about 2 inches.

More detailed information can be found here.