Unusual Vivarium Shapes

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Unusual Vivarium Shapes

There are several types of unusually shaped aquariums that make really nice vivariums (half moons, pentagons, hexagons, etc.) but finding lighting that looks like it was made for these tanks (that grows plants even "ok") is a big challenge.  That's where custom made light panels come into their own.

Here's some examples that show how challenging a good lighting solution can be:

To fit this tank with a top that includes vents, misters and then effective lighting can challenge any vivarium designer.  So a very unique lighting layout was just designed for this type of aquarium which looks like this  (I'll hopefully have pics of the finished viv when its done).

This tank is only 24" tall, so it can use only LED strips, but large diodes can be added as necessary for taller displays to get proper lighting down to the floor.

The following pentagon layout is more common.  The design of the lights is again driven by vents, misters and how it opens up.

This one has a custom made top that opens on the left front side, so the light panels are sized and shaped to match that requirement.  Under these panels are vents which the lights sit over.  I don't notice any adverse effects; to the air circulation or the lights because of this overlap.  These particular lights have several 10w diodes added which encourages more vigorous growth on the floor of the display.  That's always an option on every light you'd like to purchase.