Seattle Metro Reptile Expo -- This Saturday, May 12th.

Seattle Metro Reptile Expo -- This Saturday, May 12th.

The Seattle Metro Reptile Expo is in Monroe, WA this Mother's Day weekend.  What better present for your Mum, who's got ophidiophobia*, than a brand new Ball Python!

All seriousness aside, I'll be displaying a new light design at this show, as well as showing and selling all the designs that are now becoming quite popular around the country in the "glass box" hobby.

All reptiles can do with some UVB light, but some can live OK without it.  But for others it's essential or they'll end up dead.  Either way, this new light panel takes the best of the LED world and combines it with a UVB bulb into one seamless and attractive light panel that does it all.

The bulb that's being used is probably the best UVB producing light on the planet right now -- "Arcadia D3+ T-5 22 Inch 24 Watt 12% Desert UVB"    This light is specifically designed around this bulb, but other 22" T5 bulbs can be used as well, like the Arcadia 6% UVB T5 bulb.  Same tube, just a different level of output.

The light includes a separate "ballast" for the fluorescent T5 bulb, which helps to drive it properly.  That also means that the LED and T5 light are controlled and powered separately.  

This light can include the 20w large diode spotlight you see in the picture or not.  It's a good idea to have it if your display is 36" or taller.  24" displays do fine without a spot.  The spotlight is mounted on a heatsink with a fan for proper cooling.

This light is only about 1.5 inches tall.  24" wide is the minimum since the T5 tube takes up that much space.  But a larger light panel can be made.  Arcadia makes 34" and 46" versions of this same bulb.  I can easily accommodate the 34" bulb into a combination light, but have no plans to feature the 44" version at this time.


* ophidiophobia, is a fear of snakes.