Puyallup Reptile Show 2017

Puyallup Reptile Show 2017

I've attended this show since my daughter was about 4 years old, which takes us back to 2008.  I've been a vendor at this show for about 5 or 6 years now, but always done it under the "Kurt Jensen Photographic Art" banner.  This year I'll likely be flying two flags, that old banner and the re-branded "Spectral Designs."

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I'll have a lot of lights there to sell and display, but it's a great chance to discuss custom setups and design ideas, so come out and lets talk lighting. The more feedback I get for what it is that people need and want, the better able I am to plan my product design to meet those needs.

I know that many hobbyists are eager to have a light fixture that blends both UVB and regular visible light LED strips into one seamless solution and I'm definitely working on that right now.  Keep in mind though that your vivarium needs to be designed such that the UVB light can reach the inhabitants, which means that no glass can get in front of the UVB light source.  That means some type of mesh screen vent is really the only option.  The light panel will need to cover that vent and have the LED diodes that produce the UVB light right over the top of that screen vent.

This habitat is designed with that type of light source in mind. 


Currently it just uses two different light sources. LEDs for the light that grows plants and makes the display pop, and an old school UVB florescent tube style light to meet the animals health needs. But eventually, just one panel will cover the whole top and have both visible light and UVB LED strips.