Puyallup Reptile Expo Summary & Night Lights

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Puyallup Reptile Expo Summary & Night Lights

Thanks to everyone who dropped by my table to chat and purchase both lights, animals and art this past weekend. Thanks to Noah and Jeff for putting on a great show and making a smooth transition from The Bean Farm who did a great job all these years running a first class show.

What I definitely learned is that there's a lot of people who either now run, or want, a night light option for their vivariums.  Since most of my animals are diurnal, it's not something that really crossed my mind, but it's on my radar now.  The good news is that it's not hard to do.  But there are several ways to go about it.

One is to just add a row of blue LEDs to each light panel and trigger those to come on when the day lights go off.  But the other option, which I think some people are going to want to explore is to use RGB lights that allow you to choose a wide range of colors to use for your night light.  I've not even considered using the RGB lights as the basis for the entire light, because their properties and characteristics are just not optimal for plants, but as an accent light, they're a good option. 

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Update: 10/23/17  ... Just finished building this 44" x 8" strip for a 125 gallon viv.  It's got a blue LED nightlight on it, as you can clearly see.  It comes on at 8pm when the day time lights have finished the sunset effect.  The blue lights go off at 7am in the morning when the sunrise effect springs into action.