Adding a UVB emitter to your Glass Box

I recently decided to convert an existing display to include a T5 UVB emitting bulb. The display contained Oophaga Histrionica "Diablo", which aren't nearly as red now as when I first got them, despite adding plenty of color enhancing supplements to their diet.

The display is custom made by me and is 24x24x32.  Here's the before conversion images, with a light panel that used a combination of both LED strips and some large diode spots (10w). Note, the vent is in front before conversion.

To properly position the new UVB emitting T5 bulb over the center of the tank, the screen vent will be moved to the middle.

The finished conversion looks like this:

The new combo light panel put in place looks like this and measures 24x17 (2 inches tall):

It's hard to say how much UV saturation dart frogs need, when they do just fine without it, but I use a separate timer (and driver) to control the T5 bulb. I run it for about 4 hours at midday, any more and there appears to be some adverse effects to the selaginella in there which is fairly sensitive to being over cooked.

My impression is that the Diablo's are starting to get redder.

All of these UVB and LED combo panels are custom made, but in general the sizes are constricted around the T5 bulb sizes, so I can accommodate most any specs.  The bulb sizes I'm working with are 10", 22" and 34".  The power output choice is up to you -- 6%, 10% and 14% UVB. Do your research. 

Realize that the T5 bulb HAS to sit over the top of a screen vent to allow any light to penetrate.  UV light is very effectively filtered out by glass, even special formulations of glass.