34" x 6" LED Spot (50w) & Strip Light Panel 2X

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This light system is designed for very large vivariums like the Exo Terra 36" x 18" x 48" enclosure.  There are two separate light panels, the front one with both large diode LED spotlights (two @ 50 watts each) and multi-spectrum strips. The 2nd panel (for the back of the viv) uses the same LED strips, plus one 20w large diode chip.

This approach provides good light for the back wall of the viv without frying the plants and enough penetration power to light up the bottom front.

A total of six custom spec black aluminum LED strips are used over both panels that combine white diodes running at 6500K and 3500k, as well as red and blue diodes mixed in for better plant growth.

Because of the high power demands of this light, you will need to also purchase the driver/controller.

These two light panels come with:
  • two manual dimmer switches
  • two 6 foot connection cords
  • two splitter cables

Dimensions (width and depth are within 1/4"):

  • 34" wide
  • 6" front to back
  • 2" high

* All products are UL listed and RoH compliant

* All lights come with a 30-day money back guarantee.  If you don't like it and the light is undamaged, pay for return shipping and get your money back.