20" x 6" LED Light Panel for InSitu

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This light panel is designed specifically for InSitu vivariums.  It fits the exact footprint of 20.5 by 5.75 inches.

At 2 inches tall and with a fan this panel runs much cooler. 

Five custom spec black flexible LED strips that combine white diodes running at 6500K and 3500k, as well as the new 6 diode strip with green, red, blue and IR diodes mixed in for better plant growth.

The single light TC420 controller is also highly recommended. 

This single light panel comes with:

  • one 60 watt driver
  • one manual dimmer switch
  • one 6 or 10 foot connection cord

Dimensions (width and depth are within 1/4"):

  • 20.5" inches wide
  • 5.75" front to back
  • 2" high

* All products are UL listed and RoH compliant

* All lights come with a 30-day money back guarantee.  If you don't like it and the light is undamaged, pay for return shipping and get your money back.