17" x 15" LED strips+spot, T5, heat lamp combo

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This "everything in one" panel is for 18x18 top displays and serves the needs of herps that require basking spot heat plus UVB.

The large diode spot is only needed for 36" or taller setups.  For 24" tall, just the LED  strips will be fine.  

At 2.25" in height, this panel can also go over the top of mist heads and fans.

The heat is generated by the Zilla mini-dome, which can be fitted with white, red or blue Halogen bulbs in 25 or 50 watts. 

A custom 3D printed insert holds the mini-dome in place using the standard hardware that comes with it.  If the fixture fails, it's  easily replaced.

The panel uses six custom spec black aluminum LED strips that combine white diodes running at 6500K and 3500k, as well as red and blue diodes mixed in for better plant growth.  The large diode chip can be 10, 20, 30 or even 50 watts and runs at about 6500k.  It's mounted on a heat sink and is plug and play swappable if it fails.

This combo light panel comes with:

  • one 120 watt DC driver
  • one fluorescent T5 UVB driver
  • one Reptisun 15w T5 10% UVB bulb
  • one Zilla mini-dome 
  • one Zilla mini halogen bulb (please specify, 25 or 50w, W R or B)
  • one manual dimmer switch
  • Three 6 foot DC connection cords
  • one large diode chip (20, 30 or 50w)

Dimensions (width and depth are within 1/4"):

  • 17" inches wide
  • 15" front to back
  • 2.25" high

* All products are UL listed and RoH compliant

* All lights come with a 30-day money back guarantee.  If you don't like it and the light is undamaged, pay for return shipping and get your money back.