28" x 24" LED Light Strip-Spot Combo Hood / Complete System

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This is a one of a kind custom built light that is actually a hood because it was designed to fit over the top of an entire viv, covering the mistking nozzles and tubing.  It should sit right on top of the glass.

A client ordered this for a very large custom built viv, but strangely decided within a couple of weeks that the twin 20w spotlights were not powerful enough over the top of a 36" tall tank.  Since I run many setups here that are almost identical, I've seen how well this level of light grows tropical plants.

The back side has a 7.5" opening, so there's very little light that escapes the hood which greatly enhances the overall presentation.

If you've got a messy looking top on your large display tank, this setup will really clean it up and make it look professional. This unit also includes a blue nitelight, which is controlled best when using the digital controller/driver that I'm offering as a total lighting system here.

The strips and the spotlights are on separate power cables so they can be controlled and adjusted independently.  To read more about the digital controller go here.

Eight custom spec black aluminum LED strips that combine white diodes running at 6500K and 3500k, as well as red and blue diodes mixed in for better plant growth.

This single light panel comes with:

  • one 350w Driver/Controller combo unit
  • one blue strip of nitelights (run by the driver/controller)
  • two manual dimmer switches (one for the spots, one for the strips)
  • one 10 foot connection cord

Dimensions (width and depth are within 1/4"):

  • 28" inches wide
  • 24" front to back
  • 2.75" high

* All products are UL listed and RoH compliant

* All lights come with a 30-day money back guarantee.  If you don't like it and the light is undamaged, pay for return shipping and get your money back.