22" x 12" LED Combo Light / UVB spotlights

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This light system was designed for use over my Veiled Chameleon enclosure, but it's suitable for all lizards that need both UVB light and a heat source.

These two UVB bulbs are rated at 25w each.  They put out a large amount of heat and can not sit over the top of fiberglass screen, or they will melt it.  Metal screen only. 

There is no rating from the manufacturer as to how much UVB output it has.  It's an unbranded Chinese bulb that also comes in 50w and 75w versions.  The 25w produces so much heat that I dont feel the stronger bulbs are necessary, or maybe even safe.

The UV bulbs run off AC power from your wall and are marginally dimmable.  The LEDs use a DC power unit that comes with this light kit.

This is a custom size light for a custom built vivarium, so feel free to contact me with dimensions that are suited to your setup.  The UVB bulbs in this instance are placed to sit right over basking spots in the display.  If you've got a tall setup, then instead of the 10w large diode spot, a 20, 30 or even 50w diode can be substituted.

A total of four custom spec black aluminum LED strips are used that combine white diodes running at 6500K and 3500k, as well as red and blue diodes mixed in for better plant growth.

This light panel comes with:

  • one 60 watt driver
  • one manual dimmer switch
  • one 6 or 10 foot connection cord
  • two UVB 25w spotlights

Dimensions (width and depth are within 1/4"):

  • 20" wide
  • 12" front to back
  • 3" high

* All products are UL listed and RoH compliant

* All lights come with a 30-day money back guarantee.  If you don't like it and the light is undamaged, pay for return shipping and get your money back.