Holiday & Year End Specials

12x12, 16x13, 18x18, 20g vert, bromeliads, led, vivarium -

Holiday & Year End Specials

Give yourself some light this holiday season. Right now you can get two lights for a reduced price on two different panel sizes for the most common vivariums in the hobby.

The 18x18x24 size vivarium, which is probably the most popular one is exceptionally well lit by a 16"x13" sized LED light panel.  You can get two of these lights, powered by one 120w driver for $140 (normally $160).

Thousands of people are using 20 gallon fish tanks converted to a vertical vivarium.  This style of display is best served by a 12"x12" panel which will light up the entire tank, front to back and side to side with no dimly lit areas.  Right now two of these lights can be purchased for a discounted price of $100, down from the normal price of $130.  Again, using a 120w driver to power both lights.

As always, if the light does not meet your needs, just mail it back within 30-days for a full refund.