One of the biggest questions you have to tackle now when considering a website is whether or not to have a custom designed site built from scratch (which is what I've been doing for many years now), or to go with a template driven or CMS (Content Management System) type of website.

There is no one correct Web Design answer for every person or business. To see how a template driven system might differ from a custom built one, you can see the site I built here, and the current template driven site here.

To find the best solution to all the design questions and options you must understand your needs, as well as maintenance issues and how you intend to use the site. For people or small businesses that would like to make a lot of changes consistently, add content or update pages, a CMS system or Blog is probably a good option for you. One of the biggest and best, which also happens to be free is Wordpress.

For a detailed discussion about this issue as well as a good overview of the entire web design process, click here.

Even if you already have a custom website, adding a Wordpress blog might make a lot of sense for you. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see some examples.

To get a better understanding about Wordpress and the differences between and, checkout this article.

Click on the links below to open up each website in a new Browser window.

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Jonlee Nunn, Painter Unique Ceramics St Louis Reptile Show

How many times have you opened up a really stunning looking website only to find that navigating around it was nearly impossible, or as you entered each new page, you had to learn a new menu system? You probably closed the Browser window in disgust, or moved on quickly to someone else's website. Having an attactive look to your website is important, but if you can't navigate around it easily, and intuitively, no one will want to hang around for long.

That's why I stress the importance of a well designed web site menu system during the initial development stages of any web design process.

My design philosophy is that if at all possible, and usually it is, there should be one and only one menu system for site navigation. Take a look at most commercial sites designed for online ordering and you'll see that this is almost always the case. However, many other types of websites don't follow this rule of thumb, and I think that's a mistake.

There are no prefab design templates here. So all Spectral Design websites are unique creations designed to present your business in the best possible way to the online audience, while at the same time, making the experience easy and enjoyable for the user of the website.

Call me for a design consultation. Work can be done either by bidding the entire project, or on an hourly basis. Web Design can also be combined with a full range of graphic design projects, so that your marketing effort is seemless and consistent across all media.

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