To take your marketing to the highest level possible, you need to make sure that your branding is consistent and professionally done across all media. As you can see from the extensive list below, I can handle just about every possible type of marketing materials you might need.

Click on the images below to open up a window with examples of each item.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Unless you're a graphic artist all of your PowerPoint presentations are going look stock and they won't feature your own branding. I can work with you to tailor a professionally done presentation. Another way to customize your presentation is for me to make a custom background using your logo or branding, then you can do the rest if you're an experienced PowerPoint user.

Flash can be used to generate both web content (movie, ad's and slideshows) as well as standalone presentations that run from a CD or DVD on a PC. I've authored both kinds. All of the examples you see below were orginally created to run from a CD, but were then modified to run here on the Web.

Only broadband users should attempt to run these Flash slideshows, unlike most ad's you run across on the web, which are small and load quickly, these are large files. Make sure your sound is turned on. The screen resolution should be 1024x768, or larger.



Address Labels

Slide Scanning



Special Occasions

Photo Restoration
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